Active and Happy Kids
Physical Education Teachers Association of Turkey



Dear colleagues,

In 2017, Physical Education Teachers Association of Turkey (TUBED) organized the 9th International Physical Education and Sports Teaching Congress which we carried to an international dimension. We believe that this process has contributed significantly to the development of Physical Education and Sports Teaching and to other disciplines of sports sciences.

As Physical Education Teachers Association of Turkey we accept ourselves as the voice of the researchers in Physical Education and Sport Teaching and this is our professional responsibility. From adaptation of educational models in any country to the contemporary and innovative applications, we care about each and every single effort made to improve the quality of education and training in physical education and sports. At the 10th International Physical Education and Sports Teaching Congress, we will create sustainable structures to discuss issues in our field and future action plans to resolve these issues with stakeholders and to pioneer new approaches.

We determine the theme of the 10th International Physical Education and Sports Education Congress which will be held on 31 October - 3 November 2019 as “Active and Happy Kids”. We look forward to meeting with researchers from different universities, scholars who are able to reflect their diversities through field studies to our congress, and independent researchers to add value to the Congress. In addition, we create a scene where Physical Education Teachers can present their new and creative practices as a workshop. We do believe that this will create great difference. We also invite our stakeholders who have not conducted any research/research in order to become aware of the innovations through our congress.

As TUBED, we would like to re-emphasize the concept of workshops which we started in our 2017 Congress. We would like to see Physical Education Teachers who have creative practices in Physical Education and Play/Sports courses at pre, primary, middle and high schools to present their works to their colleagues, teacher candidates and researchers. We especially care about this platform as researchers interact with the Physical Education Teachers working in the field.

One of the scientific priorities of TUBED is to focus on the “quality” of the presentations at the Congress as submissions must match with the Congress theme. Selected papers will be published as full text in the Congress e-book.

We will be happy to welcome scholars, researchers, teachers and sports stakeholders to our congress.

Kind regards…